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Project Needs

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Check and analyze the graphic material.

To create an emotive video, we need to create a visual stimulus, which generates in the viewer strong emotions. For this purpose, we need to analyze photographs and videos to catch the best option to create a beautiful video.


Drawing the best way to create the video

We will create a storyboard about the video in this project phase, selecting the best multimedia material.


Furthermore, the storytelling path to follow, led by audio in off-script. In this phase, we need to generate the audio script to start with the video production.

Rip the audiovisual content.

In this phase, I will work to extract some captions from a couple videos provided by the client. The audiovisual material is divided into two groups. One f them contains a story from 10 years, and the other includes memories from 30 years.

Make things


In this project phase, I will create the final deliverable video mp4 according to our storyboard. Here I will apply my best magic to this beautiful video. 

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein


Project Time Line

The structure of the project under a monthly fee is shown below. The plan proposed for the project will initially be for two months, where the following format will be worked on.

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Check, organize and Analyse Content

At this stage, the appropriate content for the creation of the video will be filtered and analyzed.

Create Story board

In a work session per video call, we will discuss the concept and ideas for creating a video. A video will be structured between 8 to 10 minutes in length.

Record Voice Over Audo file

As stated in the Storyboard, a script will be made to record the voice accompanying the story within the video to give more emotion to the composition.

Create the video CREATIVITY

Once all the necessary elements to create the video, the creation, animation and editing phase will begin to generate the first version of the video.

Feedback procees

Once this version is generated, an exploration session will be held to receive feedback and make adjustments.

Final Delivery mp4 HD Video

When the settings are made in the video, the final version will be rendered, which will be delivered in mp4 HD format.

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Project Pricing

The following monthly Fee establishes a weekly work time for the project, where each week, a project preview will be delivered to the client.

  • The monthly Fee includes.

  • Collaborative work, with work sessions through video calls.

  • Use of digital tools for the creation of audiovisual material (Adobe Creative Suite)

  • Retouching photos and videos,

  • Animation, editing and creation of video, organizing the information properly.

  • Document management of all generated files. Information organization.

  • Unlimited Corrections for the duration of the project.

  • Exclusive use of a gallery of graphic elements for the realization of the video and any design generated in the execution of the project.

$700 USD Month

Voice record is not included.

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Let's talk about the rules of the game.

Having clear rules from the beginning reduces the uncertainty that the creative process may generate and increases functionality, efficiency and effectiveness.


Project payments are structured according to the implementation plan. Payments must be made in the times agreed between the parties.


The project will be monitored through the platform, where the client will have access; once the project is completed, the access will be deleted.


The client is in charge of supplying all the written content for the creation of the brand. If the creation of written content is required, it will be an extra cost.


If the project has not been completed in two months, it will be terminated, and the client is obliged to pay the remaining 50%. (Not Apply for “Mounthly Fees”)


Each project has one month of corrections included at no cost; after the first month, each correction will have a cost of 50 USD. (Do Not Apply For Mounthly Plans)


Exclusive care will be taken with the client's information, and it will be protected on servers belonging to, to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the data.


For greater performance, the tools of the G suite will be implemented to structure the project's communications and share files.


Customer service and deliveries will be made on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST without exception.