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Project Needs

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Check and analyze the graphic material.

To create an emotive video, we need to create a visual stimulus, which generates in the viewer strong emotions. For this purpose, we need to analyze photographs and videos to catch the best option to create a beautiful video.


Drawing the best way to create the video

We will create a storyboard about the video in this project phase, selecting the best multimedia material.


Furthermore, the storytelling path to follow, led by audio in off-script. In this phase, we need to generate the audio script to start with the video production.

Rip the audiovisual content.

In this phase, I will work to extract some captions from a couple videos provided by the client. The audiovisual material is divided into two groups. One f them contains a story from 10 years, and the other includes memories from 30 years.

Make things


In this project phase, I will create the final deliverable video mp4 according to our storyboard. Here I will apply my best magic to this beautiful video. 

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein