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Pure Body Health

Hello Pure Body Health. Thank you for hiring our Digital Marketing services to improve communications for your internal and external clients. The actions that are included in your plan will be described below.

Plan Description

The applicable plan for Pure Body Health, in Digital Marketing services in the cloud, is Crystal Plan, which has the following monthly portfolio enabled, according to customer demand.

Payment Plan Apolo-04.png

Digital Design by demand

Graphic Design Support, for advertising pieces for the external client, for digital platforms.

Payment Plan Apolo-06.png

Mantenimiento MarketPlace

We will create a list of your services which we will publish on search engines and social networks.

Payment Plan Apolo-09.png

Analytics Integrations

We will track the data generated and posted on all social networks, integrating Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Google Search Console

Payment Plan Apolo-10.png

Shutter stock photos unlimited

Your designs will not be like your competition, with free photos. Your plan contains unique paid images.

Payment Plan Apolo-07.png

Social Media

We take care of your Social Networks, such as Faceboo, Instagram, WhatsApp, youtube, Messenger and Linked IN

Payment Plan Apolo-03.png


Your plan has unlimited monthly graphic design pieces, plus corrections are integrated into the package.

Payment Plan Apolo-05.png

Website Managing and maintenance

We will take care of maintenance and updating of your website monthly, according to requirements.

Payment Plan Apolo-08.png

SEO Strategy

We will update the analytics within your website to optimize the SEO every month.

Payment Plan Apolo-11.png


We advise you on all relevant aspects of using your brand and strategies within your business unit.

How Manage WIX tools

Pay Bi-weekly Fee

Advice and production of graphic pieces outside the established contract. These sessions have an extra cost and must be assumed by the client. 
Phase 5 - Website

$250 CAD

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