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Marketing, Advertisind and Graphic Desing solutions

All projects  that I've developed through this 12+ year, I've been responsible for a 4 variables. All those marketing aspects are an interconnected system to generate value in front of the possible costumers, and markets as well. First, all marketing strategy could be based on financial research about market category and competitors. Second, you must standardize all patrons and algorithm what you found to customize your value offer. Third, develop all graphic, advertising and digital branding material that you need to communicate your brand, and finally, create a branding strategy sharing all interested parts on the value chain.

Trabajando juntos

Strategic Marketing.

Each brand needs to be profit. This goal its a result of  the synch  of marketing actions:

- Marketing research .

- Project developer.

- Organize invest budget.

- Create new products or services.

- Organize media strategy.

- Social Community Manager.

- Marketing directions.

- Branding Strategy.

- Segmentation research.

- Analyze target groups.

- Create brand value.

- Organize data and information to make correct decisions

- Sales Strategy

blue Print

Commercial Arquitecture

All brands have a physical scenario to be profit, from offices to retailer stores. 

- Create an arquitectural concept

- Design in 3D Programs.

Design interior concept to generate experiences inside each store.

- Organize categories of products inside a retailer store.

- Create and developed P.O.P material.

Landscape designer.

Bite seductora

Creative Advertising

You must communicate all values of your product and services in a creative way 

- Create creative concept.

- Create brand Manual.

- Write creative messages.

- Organize all comunicative channels under a creative concept.

- Standardize photographic concepts for each brand.

- Organization of focus groups.

- Organize all creative data, for advertising campaign.

- Advertising campaigns (ATL, BTL)

- Create creative jingles.

imaagen grande.jpg


If you need a character, for your brand or for any idea, here you have find a solution.

- Illustrate scenarios.

- Draw characters.

- Digital Drawing.

- 3D caracter modeling.

- Character Manual.


Graphic Design 

The mainly part of all brand attributes must be harmonic and beautiful for our senses.

- Develop all print material.

- Design of logo.

- Develop all web and digital material.

- Print techniques.

- Web developer.

- Big format design.

- App interface designer.

Designer of interior concept and landscapes.

- Creative torquel designer.

- Organize data servers.

- Connect and create virtual office to generate graphic traffic.

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