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Screaming Fury is a band from Victoria, B.C. It was formed in 2019 and following several line up changes it was able to consolidate to the current four musicians. The only original band member is Andy on vocals. It was a band formed under a classic metal style with influences from legendary bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, to name a few. The next longest member of the band is Alejandro (Nano), a migrant who came to seek a better life outside his country for numerous political and social reasons. Nano brought influences from bands such as Children Of Bodom, Wintersun, Epica, Nightwish, Ska and Latin American punk, with his most marked influence being Spanish Folk Metal.


As expected of a drummer, with perfect timing (especially knowing how difficult it is to find an excellent drummer), Max (Maximus Meridio Pronto) joined immediately following the band’s need for a drummer. He brought multiple influences from metal, punk, Viking Metal, Industrial and all the Punk and hard rock bands. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place when Tony arrived at the band, with his bass and his playing dexterity that perfectly matches the drive of the band.


Tony brought darker influences to the bar, giving the sound a more sinister and melodic touch; black metal and bands like Opeth, Gojira and others are marked influences.

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Screaming Fury is a band with numerous marked influences blended to form a unique rhythm of music and melodies inspired by sensations and ways of seeing life, translated into solid and progressive songs with symphonic touches. The use of orchestra, choirs, wind, brass and others in the band’s digital compositions gives the musicality a symphonic atmosphere that is not primarily categorized in the metal genre. Lyrics are used to tell life stories and convey emotions as well as to reflect on certain topics.


Screaming Fury are a band discovering a new style of metal, where changes of time, dark and hard melodies accompanied by solos influenced by classical music, as well as clean and guttural voices, make it very difficult to pinpoint a genre within metal. The compositions and the band’s first album, “Burning the World’s Shit”, brings songs that are difficult to label but that deliver hard driven, melodic scenarios that yearn for a sense of freedom.


We are Screaming Fury.

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Melodic Metal

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Bass Guitar / Chorus

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Lead Vocals

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Lead Guitar & Chorus

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burning the World's Shit - 2022

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Official Lyric video Coming Soon


Photo Gallery

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Follo Us
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Buy Ticket - $15.00
Carlton Club Cabaret - October 8

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